Singer/songwriter, entertainer, writer

The best way to start a story is to start at the beginning. I was told I could do anything I want to do as long as I put my heart into. It sounds like a giant cliche, but that phrase was one of my earliest motivators I've ever had. I always had a fascination for music from a young age. My parents enrolled me in piano and dance lessons when I was in Kindergarten after trying to get me involved in any club, sport or organization they can think of. I hated soccer but I loved music. I entered the talent show in elementary school and gave a very vibrant performance of a Hannah Montana or a High School Musical Song (I don't exactly remember. Oops). After that, my parents decided it was time for voice lessons because I wasn't just singing aimlessly around the house, because apparently their daughter found something she was actually interested in. Music was the sun in my own personal solar system. After a few years of training, I auditioned to be a part of an all girls semi-professional performance group called Ensemble in 2010. Ensemble toured around the West Valley of Arizona for a year in a half. While at the county fair, Ensemble was asked to stay back for an evening performance due to a scheduled act backing out at the last minute. I gave a solo performance of "Let er Rip" by the Dixie Chicks which caught the attention of a local record label. A small town girl with curly hair, a silver dress and a sunburn was actually putting on a decent show. Once Ensemble ended in the summer of 2011, I took time off of performing to focus on my songwriting. In this time, I also learned how to play guitar, bass guitar and flute to help better beef up my musical abilities. (Well, the flute was more a school requirement but music theory is music theory no matter how you learn it.). I was signed to my first record label in the beginning of 2012. This sounds a lot more glamours than it actually was. This wasn't a big shot record deal, this was just a small chance to try to make something happen with a local producer. I had to learn how to write songs, music, arrangements as well as develop some sort of marketing skills by running my own websites and social medias. I worked late nights in the recording studio while balancing a full school schedule to release the best music I physically could. In the summer of 2012, I was visiting London, England when I got a phone call from my parents late at night. "Hey Katryna." My dad said to me on the phone. "So, the producer of a western movie called Copper Wind contacted me today and he wants you to write the title song for their movie." What? "Yeah, so he needs this song as soon as possible. You're scheduled to lay down the first draft of this song in the recording studio about two days after you land from London. Bye! Love you." This was the most exciting and terrifying thing that has ever happened to me. On the plane ride home from London, I collected all the napkins I could find and started to write the lyrics for the song. Once I landed, I slept off the jet lag (kind of) and then sat on my bedroom floor with my guitar trying to find the right music for it. The song was recorded and I had to deal with my first professional meeting where I had the honor of everyone important involved in the movie listened to the song with me sitting right in front of them. Luckily, they were extremely impressed and actually chose my song. The song was released for the movie a few months later. Two years after that, some of the songs I wrote were released for a solo debut titled "Small Town Roads"

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by good people. People who ask me to write articles in their national magazines about the things that inspire me, public speak at events and perform the Star Spangled Banner almost every weekend. People who never let me take the easy way around anything. Today, I am still writing, learning and growing. I can't wait to share more stories with you. 

‚Äč-Katryna Eastwood