Journalism isn’t what it used to be. Creating clickable pieces that can reach an audience that is drowning in content can sometimes be a daunting task. Below are some examples of independent articles I have written through The Odyssey Online while I was pursuing my undergraduate degrees.


College Students From Different Majors Give Their Predictions Of Our World In The Next 10 Years

When you think of “the future” what comes to mind? Flying cars and robots that do your laundry? In the generation drowning in debt, indulged in a social media atmosphere and experiencing the innovation of technology at their fingertips, I asked college students what they feel the future will look like. Their answers may not be as magical as you think…

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Should YouTube Ban Logan Paul? The Line Between A Free Platform And Censorship

This piece was released shortly after the Logan Paul controversy sparked conversation across social media. This analyzation article looked at the consequences of banning Logan Paul from the platform. The Logan Paul article not only showcases a current-event piece, but bringing up a multitude of perspectives into a cohesive argument.

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Top 7 Trendy Summer Health And Fitness Must Haves To Make Jaws Drop When You Return To Campus This Fall

The Odyssey Online’s targeted audience is college students. While considering popular SEO’s, this mid-summer inspired piece tailored to college students returning or entering school in the fall with a positive message. This is also an example of incorporating brands into readable, relatable content. Because,“You’ll be so healthy, it hurts.”

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