The Habits You Need to Start Developing Today if You Want to Be a Girl Boss IRL

What does it even mean to be a self-proclaimed “girl boss”?

Does it mean you have to be working a corporate office with red bottom heels and a perky personal assistant? Does it mean you have to be in a financially stable mid-twenties with a killer career path?

Not at all, actually.

The misconceptions of a girl boss sometimes can discourage young adults that they can have that lifestyle one day but just not today, and that couldn’t be more wrong. Your potential for girl bossness isn’t defined by your age or career title at all actually, it’s how you choose to live your life right now.

Have you ever seen the movie Zootopia? It’s a cute Disney movie, you should check it out sometime. The main character, Judy Hoops, an aspiring police officer bunny, is pretty crushed when she finds out her first assigned job is to be a meter maid. She wanted to solve crimes, take on the big stuff and they reduced her down to putting tickets on cars. Instead of moping around thinking “I could be doing bigger and better work than this!”, she just became the best meter maid there could be. She put her whole heart and her best efforts into a mundane task, because it was the first step towards her dream career.

“I’m not going to write 100 tickets,” she says. “I am going to write 200 tickets! Before noon.”

While Judy Hoops wasn’t out there taking down the bad guys yet, she was already her own girl boss, which is in fact a good transition into our list…

  1. Enjoy where you’re currently at in life and put everything you’ve got into it

    While it may not be exactly where you would like to be tomorrow, we all have to start somewhere. An entry level job isn’t usually the most glamorous position of all time, but you can make it a memorable experience. I don’t miss my first job from high school at all, but I did take home skills that I was eventually able to implement to where I am at today. If you’re like Judy Hoops and you’re currently putting parking tickets on cars, be like Judy Hoops and take this as an opportunity to show off your skills. If the job doesn’t seem challenging, challenge yourself at it.

  2. Get organized

    Once you start applying yourself to where you are currently are in life, you’ll notice your free time gets a bit more sparing. Even if you don’t feel like you have way too much on your plate yet, developing a self organizational system is crucial in order to move forward. Once you start forgetting about appointments, meetings or homework assignments, that is when you start to lose your girl boss edge and start to feel like a walking tornado. Buy a planner or take advantage of technology. Make notes, set reminders, whatever works for you and use it!

  3. Clean up your social media
    As someone who has worked directly in the hiring realm of the world, I can promise you employers check your social media. And they will check for everything. Now, they’re not looking to see if you have perfect Instagram filters or witty captions (unless you’re applying for a social media based position, then those may be considerations), they are checking to see your self given reputation. Are you someone who posts “I hate my job lol” or are you someone who innocently retweets pictures of dogs? If you can not live without your friends seeing your Saturday night party pics and have to voice your opinion about the world on your Twitter, I get it and I respect it. Just make the account private or do it under a nickname. I promise you, if it’s down to two people and the other candidate doesn’t have any warning flag social media posts and you do, they will go with the other person.

  4. Make a LinkedIn
    On the topic of social media, LinkedIn is one of the most important platforms out there. You can apply to jobs directly through LinkedIn and network with other people who have similar interests. LinkedIn is similar to an online resume and a lot of times people will find you for jobs through LinkedIn. Yeah, seriously. Imagine not even having to apply.

  5. Invest time into yourself
    One of the hardest things about being the girl who does everything is forgetting how important the girl who is doing everything is. (You’re the girl.) Find the things that make you feel good about yourself and help you escape the madness that is or will be your life. If you are a spa girl, start looking for deals on facials and massages. If you love working out, join a yoga studio or a spin class. Whatever makes you happy, do more of it.