A Productive Morning Routine for the Girl Who Has a Lot to Do During the Day

Rise and shine.

I’m not going to lie, friends, this final semester of school has been a tough one for me, emotionally. My mind is a record player that can’t stop, spinning with thoughts, worries and future life ideas over and over and over again. I’ve realized, as the leaves are changing, a lot of people are having their lives begin to change as well. It’s that murky water transitional period that can feel like you’re stuck treading water, waiting for some clarity in your life. I get it. I’ve been there. I am there.

I became pretty sick of being the “stressed out” girl so I spent some time working on a morning routine that works for me. It helps me start my mornings with a clear and grateful mind, ready to tackle whatever may be thrown my way for that day. I hope this little routine inspires you to create one of your own or give this one a try to see if it works for you! Let me know in the comments what your morning routine is, I would LOVE to hear it.

*Please note: I have not been paid or given any of the products that are featured in this post

5:00am: I wake up to a feel-good song that I chose the night before. My current favorites are Sunday Best and Best Part of Me.
5:05am: I start morning chores and responsibilities around the house, making sure the kitchen is clean and my bedroom is at least organized. It makes my life a lot easier to come home to a clean house. I also turn on my kettle on at a super low setting at this point in the morning, too!
5:30am: Now that I’ve made sure the house isn’t a mess, I do a short morning stretch routine. I usually follow a video such as this one. If I’m feeling extra sleepy, I’ll just do some basic ones, such as the ones you used to do in physical education class as a kid. I used to do the elliptical for about twenty minutes every morning before class started when I was in high school to keep up endurance for when I competively rode horses. I no longer have an elliptical chilling in my house and five to ten minutes of taking time for your body to wake up with your mind has really been helpful for me to get back into.
5:45am: I told you the stretching was short. I do not have time for a full yoga routine or anything, nor do I ever wake up brisk enough to feel the need to do anything longer. (If you do, kudos and keep it up!) I am at the longest point in my morning, which is getting ready. This isn’t because I always wear a full face of makeup or anything like that, I simply just like to take my time. If I’m running behind, a girl can get ready quick, trust me. My current everyday makeup staple products are Bare Minerals Tinted Hydrating Moisturizer, Glossier Lidstar (I own almost every color and need them to make more) and Glossier Lash Slick Mascara.
6:30am: Now that I’ve finished getting ready, I pour myself some hot water from my kettle and enjoy a cup of tea, darling. I’m personally an herbal tea fan, I could honestly make an Instagram fan account for herbal teas, so I’m sipping on… you guessed it… herbal tea. I have like ten boxes of tea, not exaggerating, in a cabinet. It’s a problem, I’m aware. I also almost always eat a banana in the morning, it’s just something else I do. I am consistently at the grocery store purchasing bananas. My current favorite breakfast is Kodiak Cakes! This is another thing I shouldn’t admit how much I have of in my house. I own about three different pancake mix flavors, maybe two boxes of frozen waffles in my freezer at all time and keep the instant cups around my cubicle for mid-morning snacks or late-nights in the office. So, as you can already assume, I usually enjoy something from this brand in the morning.
7:00am: And… I’m off! It’s time to plug in a playlist or a podcast and head on my way!