Even in a digital age, a high-quality brochure is a key feature for companies to have. We shouldn’t take for granted the impact a tangible marketing piece can have. While working for Catholic Charities and the GCE Student Ad Agency, I helped craft and create clean brochures that fit the clients wants, needs and budget. Each brochure is designed to meet the brand of the school or organization and was a collaborative effort between myself as well as a graphic designer, whether in-house or out sourced.

Catholic Charities: Northern Arizona Programs and Services

Catholic Charities: Northern Arizona Programs and Services

Catholic Charities: New Brochures

While working at Catholic Charities, one of my first assignments was to help modernize and update their brochures. I worked with Ripe Creative to craft engaging and informational brochures to be used at our many office locations. Following similar branding guidelines, I wrote the copy for Veterans Services brochures, Foster Care brochures, Northern Arizona Housing brochures and more. To view the brochure, click on the image above.

Bourgade Catholic High School

With high competition in the area for a private education, Bourgade Catholic High School needed a brochure to represent their academics, culture and faith. I worked with an in-house designer to craft and create this brochure. Click on the picture above to see the brochure.

Higley Unified School District

Higley needed brochures to show off the different schools and opportunities each school had to offer. Above is an example of the brochures I created with an in-house designers for their school district. To view the brochure, click the picture above.