Rebrand: Write Here, Write Now

While in college, I was presented with the opportunity to be a student ambassador for a Professional Writing club called “Writey McWriteFace” on campus. This club was currently run by faculty, pulling in an average of three students per meeting. It was a missed opportunity for students as the club was providing students to get a competitive advantage by gaining out of the classroom skills.

Original logo, click to view.

Original logo, click to view.

Original Branding

The colors were yellow, pink and black. While this was creating an notable and standout way to promote the meetings, the group was not taken seriously. The students on campus did not see the benefit of the club and did not consider it a priority to attend since they perceived the opportunity as childish. The name and current branding also made reaching out to external speakers difficult. As well qualified as our English faculty is, I wanted this club to be an opportunity for the Phoenix writing community to network with the students on campus to start building relationships. When emailing local journalists or public relation specialists, requesting their attendance to “Writey McWriteFace” was usually not perceived well.

Write HereWrite Now.jpeg

Changing The Name + Branding

I resorted back to the original intention of the club, to gain a competitive advantage post-graduation. The sense of urgency was translated into the name while keeping the theme of being an writing-centered opportunity. “Write Here Write Now”

I chose to simplify the logo, making this easy to print on posters, add to flyers and use on social media.

I also chose to change the colors to something that felt more mature, modern and approachable.

The Success

Today, Write Here Write Now is one of the most successful clubs on campus. We have recruited local professionals such as bloggers, editor in chiefs of local magazines, authors, journalists and more to guest speak at meetings. This has provided students to receive internships almost directly after select meetings as well as helping students find out which path they would like to take after they finish their degree. The meeting attendance averages at thirty students compared to the three that was previously held before.

This was due to a new marketing strategy put into place as well. After some trial and error, I developed this plan to increase student awareness:

  • A singular poster to be posted on social media and distributed at meetings with meeting dates + times (Click on the picture above to see the poster from Spring ‘19) This consistency and advanced scheduling allowed students to secure they were able to attend meetings in advance and were also able to see what the topics were ahead of time.

  • A Facebook page was created with an accurate calendar to send out to current and prospective members.

  • Sold stickers at meeting, which created a fund to provide snacks + resources at meetings as well as provided tangibility for current members to recruit new members.

  • Email blasts to be sent to the whole department two - five days before each meeting.

  • Day of text message reminders to students who choose to sign up.